Owner of Assisting Hands Richmond Eric Rohr Explains How He Started His Assisting Hands Franchise

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Interviewed by Jane Merle

Eric Rohr, the owner of Assisting Hands Richmond, recently sat down for an interview with Jane Merle of Keeton & Co Real Estate.  In this interview, Eric discusses why he decided to get involved with Assisting Hands as well as how we help people who have chosen to age in place.  He also talks about how Assisting Hands Richmond offers dementia workshops at no cost to build awareness and education of dementia.

interview with Eric Rohr

Starting at Assisting Hands

Eric’s educational and professional background is in finance and accounting where he had a good career for many years but realized this career didn’t make him happy.  He realized that the main problem is that he had been working for companies that did not have a good set stated values that guided them or that were being followed.  Being raised by a father who was a Presbyterian minister and professor of philosophy and ethics, he realized he had gotten away from having his work being guided by a strong set of values and decided working for himself was the best way to regain that.

Assisting Hands Shared Values

Eric started by thinking of five values that are important to him: kindness, compassion, integrity, creativity, and accountability.  He began researching the types of professions that support these values and came across home care and found that Assisting Hands has values similar to his own.  Eric speaks to how central these values should be:

“The way I looked at it is it was the oxygen that we breathe and if you think about that, if you don’t have oxygen, you’re not worried about what you’re going to eat or what you’re going to drink or what your clothes are or what shelter you have, you’re literally trying to find that next breath and I wanted those values to be so core to what we did that if we didn’t do them we wouldn’t survive.”

Eric started Assisting Hands Richmond in January of 2019 in an area of Virginia that did not have an Assisting Hands franchise.  Assisting Hands Richmond is licensed by the Department of Health in Virginia to provide non-medical home care services.  Their caregivers are certified PCAs or CNAs that help those living at home with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing and grooming as well as other tasks like light housekeeping and meal preparation.  Assisting Hands Richmond is also a specialist when it comes to providing dementia care.

Dementia Workshops

In the interview, Eric discusses the dementia workshops Assisting Hands Richmond offers at no cost to provide education and awareness about dementia.  These workshops are especially helpful for those who have a family member who is living with dementia and want to understand the best ways to help them.  You can view these workshop videos on the Assisting Hands Richmond  YouTube channel:

Be sure to watch the video for the entire interview with Eric Rohr:

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