Dementia – Effective Communication Strategies

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How you look at Dementia Matters!

• It is NOT all about loss
• It is NOT “untreatable”
• It is NOT unpredictable
• Behaviors DON’T come out of nowhere
• Dementia DOESN’T just affect the person with the disease – it impacts all of us

So how do we communicate? Watch our Dementia Workshop video:

Communication Basics

It’s not the “Dementia” – It’s what you Choose to Do About It!

• Join the person’s reality to connect
• Understand and accept what you can and cannot change and connect through
• Remember that the person retains a sense of self despite the losses of the disease
• Demonstrate respect and connect through feelings
• Always treat the person as the adult he/she is
• Try to decode the person’s communications
• Recognize the effects of your mood and actions
• Try to understand the source of reactions
• Help meet the needs while soothing and calming the person

The GEMS® Overview

The GEMS® is not only a way to describe the various stages of dementia but also as a means to improve interaction and appreciation of individuals living with dementia. The GEMS® approach focuses on ability instead of loss and is an extremely helpful tool to assist with changing abilities that impact relationships and expectations. Learn more about what it means to be living in the world with Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, Amber, Ruby or Pearl cognitive and physical ability. Watch our Dementia Workshop video:

How you look at Dementia Matters!

• Breathe!!!
• Back off, change something and try again
• Adopt a “SO WHAT” mentality
• Try a support group
• Accept yourself, AND the person with dementia
• Look for the JOY!!!

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